Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I really hestitate to post this because I hate remembering this moment, but I will so that I can tell you without repeating the story over and over.

Yesterday started out a great day (which is something you SHOULD attempt everyday!) Thomas Market had flats of strawberries on sale for $4.99! Smokin Deal! So I bought two flats with the goal of not losing ONE strawberry to mold. I did it! I didn't have to throw one strawberry away! I was so proud of myself. So we started processing them to make jam and I thought it would be a great idea to make some pies as well. So when I got the strawberries chopped for the jam, I got some pie crusts made and baking and had just enough of the sliced strawberries left to fill the pies. They were YUMMY!!!

Even Joni was pleasant through the whole process!

A Whole Load of Strawberries!

I guess I proved that I don't get hives from eating strawberries anymore! I ate my fair share and then some. Good thing they are healthy!

Carson pitched in by chopping strawberries.

Logan was slicing and Carson ran them through the chopper.
This turned out to be quite the assembly line.

Then after we finished processing them, we went into town for our daily walk around the park. We brought a friend home for Carson to play with. I got a call from Justin to meet him and switch trucks. So we went and got the truck and horse trailer from him and took it back to the corrals by our house. The boys ran to the house to go play while I got backed into the corral to dump the calf out. I was sitting there waiting for the guys to open the gate and I saw the Monte and Carson's friend riding on the go-kart. One moment later I saw Monte's seat belt flapping in the wind which meant that it was NOT buckled. Fear struck my heart to say the least. I got out of the truck and headed that way yelling for them to stop. Unfortunately, they did not hear me and when I was still about 50 feet away, the go-kart to a sharp left circle turn and to my absolute shock, I saw Monte bounce up and off the seat and out the side! At first I thought that his legs were still caught in the inside of the go-kart and he was going to be drug, but then I saw his legs flip out and it spun him backwards so his head was positioned right for the tire to go over his head - You guessed it! I saw the back of the go-kart bounce up signaling that it truly did drive up over his head. By the time I sprinted over to him, he was up crying looking around for me. Of course horrified would be the best way to describe how I was feeling at this point. He could walk and talk which I was grateful for. I carried him to the house and got the plastered mud and tire track washed off his face. I talked to him to make sure he knew a few facts, like that his birthday is June 7, who comes on Christmas and brings presents, how many fingers am I holding up. Everything was looking good, but I just felt like a professional should be looking at him determining that he truly was ok. So we called the clinic and took him in. The doctor did a thorough examination and found that every single thing that he checked out was just fine. Of course he was extremely concerned about the fact that they were not wearing helmets or seatbelts, which they usually do. Now by this point Carson was feeling overly responsible and especially when the doctor looked at me and said "I think you might be getting off easy this time." Carson thought he was directing that comment to him and when the doctor left the room to run it by the other doctor, he started getting teary eyed and said "He just told me I was going to get off easy" So I had to explain to him what the doctor's comment really meant.
We found this abrasion when we got to the doctor's office. He told us to keep an eye out for other injuries that we could have overlooked because we were so focused on the head.
I didn't really feel like taking pictures at the time of the accident, so this was the day after picture. He originally had mud embedded in his scalp and plastered all over his face, but it washed off very easily. By the time we got to the doctor, he had a mild headache and just pain on the exact location of the abrasions.
Now comes the part that you SHOULD attempt at home:
- COUNT EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOUR BLESSINGS EVERY DAY AND BE GRATEFUL FOR THOSE BLESSINGS THAT ARE PART OF YOUR FAMILIES LIVES. I know that we were truly blessed that Monte did not sustain any worse injuries than he did. Heavenly Father truly blessed us considering how bad this accident could have been and we are so grateful that Monte is o.k. He is back to his normal rambunctious and mischevious self.
Today he came in the house asking for the duct tape. I asked what he needed it for and he said, "You know that thing that sticks up on the front of the white car? It broke off and I need to tape it back on!" I will post the picture later!


SNeilson said...

I'm so glad he is o.k. What a scarey experience. I hate when it takes something like this for me to remember what a blessing my children are in my life. I'm full of envy about your strawberry jam. I really should learn how to make it! Tiff :D

Shane and Beth said...

Wow Kristy! That was way too close and I can just imagine what was going through your head at that time. YIKES!! I am so glad that he is doing fine:) Hope you guys are having a great summer!!
p.s. your jam sounds great and your pies sound even better!!

JanaMac said...

Oh Kristy, I am so glad that Monte is ok, what a scary thing. You know that the Lord was watching over your little guy!! I'm w/ the other girls, strawberry jam & pie sound wonderful!!!