Friday, February 17, 2012

The time has come!

Ok-it really is time to post something-It really could not have been a year since the last post. So many birthdays, so many holidays, so many life events really. So I am feeling the need to start posting again, if it is possible! Here are some pictures to start with . . .

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Do we have time to do anything else?

Just a few more pictures. It seems like I never hit it right on to get pictures while Layni is sleeping, the light is just right or everybody is dressed for a group picture! :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

And now, the rest of the story . . .

I guess I should have posted this part of the story, but it just seems like I have told it so many times, that I must subconciously be blocking it out :)
The night before we were scheduled to be induced, I get a phone call about 6:30. This is how the conversation went:
J: Can you meet me in Tremonton in about a half hour?
K: Sure, where?
J: At the emergency room of the hospital.
K: WHAT? Why - Are you in labor? HAHAHAHAHA (Since he had been teasing me all week about that)
J: No, I broke my leg
K: HAHAHAHAHA- You are kidding! Where are you, how far away from home are you?
J: No, I am not kidding - (Handing the phone to someone else-)Here, you tell her, she won't believe me.
Driver of truck: No he is serious, his horse went down on him and he broke his leg.
K: Are you serious?! What!
J: yes, I am serious. I will see you there.
So, I quickly call a neighbor and ask if the kids can come over while I run to the emergency room of the very SAME hospital that I am scheduled to be induced in the VERY NEXT MORNING! Needless to say, I laughed the whole way to the hospital-thinking, how could this chain of events been any more ridiculous! Now the only thing that could make it better is to get picked up on my way to the hospital, nine months pregnant and convince the highway patrol that I was headed to the hospital for my husband, not myself :) And yes, when I got to the hospital and rang the emergency room bell, they were quite concerned about ME! I quickly convinced them that I was just there for my husband. As we sat in the ER, I kept thinking, we could just get this started right now and get it over with before morning. Then the ER doctor comes in to let us know that the break was bad enough we will have to meet with an orthepaedic surgeon the next day, at, YES, this same hospital. We told him, well, just let him know we are in labor and delivery because we will be here for the delivery of our new baby tomorrow!
The next day, in labor and delivery, the orthepaedic surgeon comes to find us. He did say it was not a common thing for him to come down and see patients in this wing :) He scheduled surgery for one week later, at the same hospital:)
So, needless to say, I never imagined that I would be driving myself to the hospital to have a baby AND home after delivery. Fortunately for us, we have good neighbors that called and said they would be coming to pick us up when we got released. Now, I think we should never forget the birth of this baby, for reasons we never imagined! As I was coming back from town from dropping other kids off at friends to stay while we had the baby the morning we were to head into the hospital, I passed a truck on the interstate that said "Too blessed to be stressed" I told Justin about it when I got home and the discussion on the way to the hospital centered on just how blessed we were. The accident could have been MUCH worse and at least he wasn't incoherent or immovable in another room in the hospital while I was birthing the child and he couldn't be there!
Now as for Layni, she has been a record setter! She is the only child of ours that has not had to be on bili lights, her bilirubin peaked on Monday at 14 and then headed down on Tuesday-Doctor was satisfied and said we didn't even need to test her anymore. She lost her umbilical cord one week exactly after she was born. She is a fantastic eater! She pooped and peed more than any of our other kids, even before she left the hospital! She has been a great sleeper in the night, most nights logging at up to five hours at a time! So with all of the great things she is doing, I will add some pictures!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Amazing find!

What does it take?

Seriously! What does it take for me to post to our blog? A new baby? Somebody should fire our blog poster! :) Maybe I can get the other posts published sometime in the near future! But for now, here is our newest addition!
Layni Rose Ellis born November 5, 2010 7 lbs 14 oz - 20 inches. Some of her first pictures, more to come with the rest of the kids!