Saturday, June 13, 2009

Monte's Birthday

First, I must say that we are so THANKFUL that Monte made it to his fifth birthday! And a much anticipated birthday it was. He has known that it was June 7, but the concept of the actual day of it was harder. All week he would say, "It's my birthday tomorrow right!" "No Monte, it is on Sunday" Then we would have to go through the days of the week from the day that it was. He was so excited to have someone come to his birthday party, so a great big THANK YOU! to Grammy and Grandpa Covolo and Scott, Rita and Ceci! He had a great time trying to blow the "relight" candles out. I cannot believe that my little baby Monte is now five and no longer the baby! =( I am grateful that we have another baby behind him! I have been debating on whether or not to send him to school in the fall because of the summer birthday and as of right now, I am thinking that I am going to keep him out one more year and just do preschool at home. If anybody has any words of wisdom or advice, go ahead and let me know. Maybe it will give me a definite impression one way or another! THANKS! Here are some pictures from his party. We are going to do a friend party, so when I have the details I will let you know!

Spiderman cake!

Every little boys dream!

Carson gave Monte a few "little" gifts.
One happened to be this little piece of rope, that he was so thrilled to have!
Pictures with Grammy and Grandpa! Grammy says she thinks that Joni is ALWAYS sleeping! That's what her pictures indicate anyway!

Moon Sand from Grammy and Grandpa!
He also got some cool roper shoes that have a bucking horse on the side and they are light up!
More details later!


Marsha said...

Hey Ellis'!
We sure do miss you guys - I couldn't resist looking at Monte's birthday- he sure grew up fast! I bet you know what I'm gonna say about sending him to school. When in doubt, keep him out. It is hard to predict with summer kids, some do great and some need more time. Listen to your heart - mama knows best and if you are having doubts...

We're sick of rain here in the Great Valley as Kaylee call it. Maybe it will feel like summer soon!

JanaMac said...

Happy Birthday Monte!! What a handsome boy! I loved seeing the pics of your folks, they look just the same as I remember!!
Here's my advise on sending Monte to school: WAIT!!!! We waited w/ Hannah (hers is a late summer birthday, but probably would have done it even if it had been a spring birthday!!). The thing is that he would probably do fine academically, but to give him the advantage of being another year older, that will be a benefit throughout all his years of school! And best of all, you get the blessing of having him at home for another year!!! I agree with the previous comment, trust your instinct Kristi, you're a good mommy, you'll know what's best!!

Melea said...

Hey Christy!!!
How are you? I love your blog, just thought I would tell you that.
Advice, here we go :)
My boys Spencer and Adam were born June 18 and May 29. We kept them both home a year and the results have been amazing. They are both at the head of the class, both academically and socially. We are also keeping our little Lily home another year. Her 5th birthday is June 21. Anyway, there are no regrets in keeping my babies home a year. I follow 2 theories, 1..I like them, I don't mind them being home another year. And 2... I would rather send a young 19 year old out in the world, than a young 18 year old out. Another year of driving, working, that kind of thing. Plus most teachers will recommend keeping those summer birthday kiddo's home because even though it might not show up right away (in Kingergarten) it will show up later, whether it be academically or socially. Anyway, in saying all of that, you know your baby better than anyone, you do what you think is right for him. If there is anything you want to chat about let me know. My email is
Have a great week :)

Melea said...

I totally spelled your name wrong! Sorry, I'm a total dork.