Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Becoming a trend

Oh how scary for me! I was perusing the pictures of Joni and have noticed that we have been taking a LOT of pictures of her sucking her thumb. We try to divert her to a binki in the hopes that if she does start sucking it regularly, it will be easier to take a binki away than a THUMB! Her favorite is when she is sitting over your shoulder like this. Her poor eyes get all red around the edges when we take a picture of her. This is how it all begins. She starts by sucking on the edge of her fist and then she finds . . . THE THUMB!

This picture is in her swing. She had fallen asleep and I found her this way after she had been asleep for awhile! What a cute little pill!

Funny story about this sequence:

1. I saw that she was sucking her thumb and so I gave her the binki hoping that she would just suck on it and be happy . . .
2. She works her hand around until she has got her thumb IN the hole and then she starts sucking on BOTH the thumb and the binki! Wouldn't that be my luck? I never have a thumb/finger sucker OR a binki sucker and now I get both and have to eventually wean her off BOTH!
3. PROOF! "Oh no, I am caught!" Whenever she starts sucking her thumb, we will say "Are you sucking your thumb? You naughty little girl" (with a smile of course!) and she will just smile! It is so adorable, right now.


chanda and scott said...

I love that last picture of Joni with her thumb in her pacifier. Taylor did/does the same thing. It's fun to watch the little things they do.

Jen Taylor said...

So cute. Never had a thumb sucker or a pacifier sucker. I'd gladly take either right now!
We talked about coming to see you, coming and going to Utah last week. We were trying to guess which house might be yours. We were hurrying down, and it was late coming back. We are going to Bear Lake next week for a couple of days. So, we'll have to work something out!

Kristy & Miguel said...

She is so Adroable!