Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Horse Judging

Too bad I can't get these events posted closer to when they actually happen! Logan and Carson got to participate in their first 4-H Horse Judging event on June 9. They were a little bit nervous, Carson more than Logan. It was a beautiful day, the rain held off until after the event. They had six classes which included Arab/Quarterhorse mares, pure Quarterhorse and some colts. They also got to judge a trail class and an equitation class. It was all new for both of them. Logan ended up getting 2nd overall in the Junior division and then his team got first! The team consisted of Brody, Logan, Harley and Jaycie. Carson was supposed to be on that team, but the organizers got it messed up and put Jaycie on instead. Carson was pretty devastated that he didn't get a ribbon. We were trying to convince him that he still has a lot of time ahead of him. Not a whole lot of consolation. :( He still gave it his best shot and he thought that because he didn't get a ribbon he didn't do his best. Just true to his character! My little challenge boy!

So studious! If Logan put this much effort into doing his house chores, we wouldn't have quite so many differences!

This is my effort to put a scrapbook page together. Ha ha! This is why I don't scrapbook, it is so hodgepodge because I get annoyed that it takes so long, so I just throw it together! Too bad it has so much potential and I didn't put my whole effort into it!

Monte didn't have to miss out on the fun. He brought his rope and had all the gates tied shut through the whole judging.
This is his 4-H leader. He is double checking with her, they have to sign off once they have their final placing.

Carson found that one of the boys in our 4-H club was in his group. So Brody had a permanent shadow for the first three classes. How adorable! My little Carson looking so grown up with his little clipboard!

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