Thursday, June 4, 2009

My how time flies!

Who knew that sixteen years would fly by so fast! Sixteen years, four children and many wonderful adventures! It is kind of fun to think back on all the accomplishments we have had and all the exciting (maybe not all good!) times we have had. There was a while that it was an annual occurence for Justin to have some type of work-related injury. It sure doesn't seem like all that long ago that we were making adult sized decisions about what to do concerning school after we were married, where to live and what life would bring during our married life together! Happy 16th Anniversary Justin! Thanks for all the wonderful adventures we have embarked on together so far! I look forward to what the next 16 years and beyond will bring!

And as promised here is the picture of Monte's mischeviousness and ingenuity from yesterday. (See post below)
Monte was good enough to do a picture of Logan, Joni and I. Notice, Logan was trying on the headbands for Joni.


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Kristy & Miguel said...

Ok First off..Congratulations on your little girl! She is just beautiful! I ran into your mom at the store and she told me that you had a blog so I just had to check it out! You all look like your doing so well! Take care!