Saturday, May 30, 2009

4-H . . . Here we come!

Logan and Carson decided that they might like to try doing some horse projects in 4-H and so we signed up for that. We get a call last week that they are trying to get a horse judging team together for the district judging that is here in Malad on June 9, would they be interested. So we go just to see if it would be something that Logan would like to do and before we leave, both Logan and Carson are signed up to do it. They sent the judging cards and the reasons cards home with Logan and Carson. Bear in mind that Logan has done meat, wool and livestock judging before, so he is just like "Aahh, another type of judging", nothing new. For Carson, this is ALL new! Leila is the judging coach and has personally taken him under her wing to teach him what to look for, how to mark the judging card, etc. So this morning Carson comes in while I am on the phone and asks for a clipboard.
When I get off the phone, this is how the conversation goes:
C:Mom, you got a clipboard?
M: No, can you do your project without it?
C: Yeah!
Twenty minutes later, Carson came back into the house with his judging card and says "Well, I got my class of horses judged. I went out and these are the horses that I judged and my horse was on the bottom because she has a man-made flaw"
Mom: What is the man made flaw?
C: You know, the wear spot on her withers.
M: Oh yeah! You knew about that? Who did you put on the top of your class?
C: Goofy, because she has straight legs and no man-made flaws.
Did I know that he would be such a little baracuda when it came to this new challenge? Eating up every bit of information that was given to him? OF COURSE! That is just who he is!
So, watch out 4-H Horse Judging! You have created a MONSTER! (I am just saying, at least it is a constructive place to put his efforts and energy! YEAH!)


SNeilson said...

Tell the boys good luck, sounds fun! I had no idea horses had man-made flaws! Shows you how much I know....Let us know how it goes!!! Tiff :D

JanaMac said...

That is so awesome Kristi!! If they are going to soak anything in, livestock/meats/horse judging are all good things to keep busy with! Keep up the good work Carson!