Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More Pictures!

Well, I finally took a moment to snap some shots. They are not exactly what I was looking for, but they will do. I just figured they didn't all need to be cookie cutter shots, they could have their own personality. This shot is especially for McKinlee. She loves Kung Fu Panda, but she insists on calling it Panda Funa Panda, so when her Grandma Tam gave Joni this outfit, I just couldn't resist. This ones for you McKinlee! I also thought it might be kind of cute because she also insists that she has a new baby sister and you guessed it! Her name is Joni Ann. That's o.k. we would take McKinlee as a sister any day! Love you tons McKinlee!


Shane and Beth said...

She is darling! I bet you guys are just loving her up!!! It looks like you are all doing well. Congrats!

katieltj said...

I was so glad I was finally able to see your beautiful little Joni! You better give her a big hug and kiss from me! (I'm sure she doesn't get enough of them!) :]

SNeilson said...

I love that pic with the panda on her backside....so, so cute!!! Tiff :D