Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The babysitter falls asleep

They must be made for each other! I am not sure who fell asleep first, Monte or Joni? Too bad I couldn't find a way to do this everyday and then I might get a minute of rest as well. I have decided I am not going to have too high an expectation. For the last three days I have been able to post, but just when I think I have something down into a routine, it gets blown out of the water! So I have committed to only taking each day and accomplishment at a time and appreciate those moments when it seems like everything is going great! Monte constantly wants to hold his precious little sister and so far, it is looking like she doesn't mind having him hold her.
They are making a lot of progress on the bedrooms in the basement! Yay! Once they are finished with the bedrooms and bathroom, we can start sorting through the mounds of boxes that are still yet to be unpacked and placed. Maybe I should just leave them packed and if I don't use them in the next six months, just take the whole box to the D.I. trailer! Fat chance, huh!

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