Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Rocking Chair - $100
Cozy Blanket - $8
Daddy to snuggle with - Priceless!

Apparently Justin still has the touch to keep the crying baby sleeping - even when he is preoccupied on the phone. She does like her dad some of the time :-)
Another priceless is the opportunity to get to see and be held by grandpa great! We went and visited grandma and grandpa great a couple of weekends ago when we went back to Mtn. View for the baby shower. And look even he has the touch to keep her sleeping.
Maybe she is just a sleeping baby? She has started staying awake and alert for longer periods of time and if you talk to her and look at her, you will even manage to get some smiles and conversation. We have yet to get a picture of her smiling, because she generally smiles for me and how do you get a picture while you are holding her close and talking to her? We will keep trying and post it when we do get the picture.

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katieltj said...

Such a sweet picture of Joni and Justin! I love daddy daughter moments!