Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Joni had her first visit to the chiropractor! She was all kinked to one side and so we decided she might be more comfortable after an adjustment. Thank heavens Dr. Hoover is so good with babies! He had her straightened out in no time at all. While we were in Evanston, we got to see Aunt Cari, McKinlee, Aunt Linda, Lilly and Grandma! What fun we had! Lilly loved seeing Monte and felt the urge to give him lots of hugs and kisses. McKinlee was also very excited to see "Aunt Kristi and Monte" and still insists that Joni is her sister - How Adorable!! Here is a video of Lilly giving Monte all the love he needs - Enjoy!

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Jen Taylor said...

I thought that your comment about the chiropractor was Monte grabbing his cousins head. It was so good to get your email. I love all the pics. That is awesome that you got another baby, and a girl, too! What an adventure for you for the last two weeks! Glad you survived. I'll talk more soon.
Love, Jennifer