Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

If you can take a close look, Logan has a nice shiner! He was out back playing with Justin's bullwhip and took a pop to the eye! Then he comes in and says to Justin and I "Look at my eye! Does it look swollen? I don't know what happened! It just swelled up!" Then the questioning began - "Does it hurt, Did you feel anything?" Typical questions. Then the tattletales, Carson and Monte, came clean. They told us blow by blow what happened. Funny how Logan thinks! So we were teasing Logan that he had his makeup on for St. Patrick's Day, because it is black and green!

This morning when the boys got up Carson already had his shirt and then Logan needed to find his hat to wear for the ocassion. This is what they came up with for their attire for the day! Carson was giving his expression if he gets pinched! Classic Carson!

Monte, Joni and I also joined the wearin' o' the green. Joni's only green in a sea of pink was her green binki! (Barely visible in the picture)

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