Saturday, January 31, 2009

What the Ellis boys won't think of next!

Winter Hide Racing!

What do you get when you combine 3 inventive boys, one pony, one sled, decent weather and a field full of snow?

The Ellis boys practicing hide racing in the winter! They thought it would be such a wonderful day to go out and check out their new surroundings with a little twist. Logan saddled the pony Misty and wanted to take his brothers for a ride in the sled. It turned out quite successful-NO INJURIES! If you can tell from the video, they are on a slight hill doing this activity which could pose quite a dangerous situation, but good sure-footed Misty didn't miss a step. They were just getting pulled around in the sled, but decided that was much too mundane. They decided it would be much funner to pretend they were hide racing like they do in the ranch rodeo in the summer. Poor Misty! I guess she got a good dose of exercise today. The temperature is 43 degrees and even though the sun is shining, the air is still very cold. The one piece that makes the weather bearable is that there is NO WIND! There are only a couple of rocks in the pasture and during the time I was watching, they only hit one big one once! They are enjoying being outside and doing what they do best - being boys. Logan noted that if they are close to the interstate when they are doing anything that anybody that is driving by just watches and stares as they go by. He said the other day when they were riding horses to go and doctor a cow, they were close to the interstate and whenever a car would drive by on the interstate, they would honk and wave. I think that we are all acclimating well to the new area. I think it will be even better when it is summer and we can see beyond the snow and ice.

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Kimmel said...

Sounds like something my girls would love to do!! Ranch kids have the most fun.