Thursday, February 19, 2009

Moving Day is Here (and gone)!

Wait a minute . . . Is this a bad rerun of the movie Groundhog Day!? I thought we already moved, just a month ago!
It is true - we did move again and this time it is to the permanent house that we will be staying in. It just takes me way too long to post. Hopefully I can get better at posting in a more timely manner! We moved from the Utah side of the ranch to the Idaho side of the ranch. Just in time to be ready for the baby to be born! Last Saturday we had more help than we could have dreamed of! About 15 men from church came and helped with some of the wives, Farm Bureau friends Kimmel and Chris brought friends Brett and Jerika. Austin and Maysi, which happen to be relatives and live here in Malad came and helped too! It was a great big party! The kids went downstairs and had lots of fun while we were getting the kitchen settled and the men were bringing boxes in by the loads. Needless to say, the job was done in record
time! We feel very blessed to have such wonderful friends, neighbors and family! All that moving and I still didn't even get any contractions! This baby knows where it wants to be! Friday, yes tomorrow, is the day to be induced! We will let everyone know and we will post pictures so everyone can enjoy!

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