Monday, January 26, 2009

These are some of the views that we can see from our new house. Carson is quite a photographer! He went out and got all the pictures for us to post so everyone can see where we are!

The hay shed is to the south of our house and the mountains are to the east. We can see the mountains and the interstate through our big front window. There has been lots of rain! It has made our driveway VERY slick. We have to walk very carefully or we will slip and Carson doesn't want to break his tailbone.

Logan has enjoyed riding his pony and he helped some of the other guys move some cows last Saturday.

Monte has had lots of time playing with the sticks that Carson carved into arrows. He likes to load them on his semi and drive them all over the house.

It has been quite warm even though it was snowy, but today was very cold. It only got up to 18 degrees. It was even a little bit windy, too! Carson says it is not as windy as Wyoming though.

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