Saturday, January 24, 2009

We are here!

After a long couple of weeks dejunking, organizing and packing we arrived in Malad, Idaho! It is a pretty big decision for our family and we know it is the right place for us at this time in our lives. We had TONS of help getting things ready to go and then we had a lot of assistance for the actual move. We got to Malad on Saturday, January 17. When we got there we were greeted by some dear friends and family of ours - Shane, Suzzy, Colton, Shayley, and Faith Rowley! and Dave, Laila, Ethan, Cydel, Tia and Brayden Kammerman! What at great help everyone was! There is no way we could have gotten done as quickly as we did without all the help! It was a beautiful day - sunny, warm and good weather all the way around. The week following was filled with all the stuff that comes with moving to a new community - getting enrolled in the new school, getting internet set up, getting a new bank, finding the important places in town like the library, grocery store and the doctor (UGH!). We found out that moving takes a toll on everyone's body! Carson and Logan got strep, Kristi got a sinus infection and Justin got a bacterial infection. What a way to establish care with a doctor so that we are ready for when the baby comes! Thankfully, we are all on the mend and looking forward to when we feel 100% again! We still need to get a home phone, so we will keep everyone posted.
We attended our new ward last Sunday and found some very friendly people and a very unique old church! The chapel has a big pipe organ that the organist has to have mirrors to see the chorister because she sits at the organ with her back to the congregation!
We love the library! It is a great comparison to the library we are used to. They have a great selection of everything we love! Monte was having some horrible withdrawals from his books that are still packed, so we went to the library and it happened to be the day of Story Hour, so he got to meet some new friends. We also saw Lesley Wray-wife of last seminary teacher Brother Wray. Everyone is very nice and welcoming! We are grateful for that and we are taking every opportunity we have to meet new people and find our way around the community!


Southland said...

Hi, It's great to see the photos please keep them coming. We love to hear and see from you. Hope all is well and that everyone is back on road to recovery. Nice job on the blog page...looks great.

Chalsey said...

So good to see your page & family update! Awesome family pic & looks like a very beautiful place!

Do you have an address yet?

Talk to ya soon!