Thursday, January 29, 2009

New schools and friends

This is the new library that we get to go to story hour. It has great fun things. Lots of books that we love to check out and TONS of movies. The ladies that work there are super nice and very friendly. It also has computer games that you can play while you are there and you can also check out a room to play Wii games. We have met lots of friends at story hour. There are about 30 children who come there for story hour.

Mrs. Richins is Carson's teacher. She has ties to the Bridger Valley. She is a sister-in-law to Karen Willie! What a neat experience to get to have a teacher who is related to someone where we used to live. He gets to do AR for reading already! He says his favorite part is that during lunch you get to sit wherever you want. He has made lots of friends and one in particular is in our ward. She rides the same bus and she has been very friendly to Carson. Her name is Claire. In school, they got to take a challenge called "Rachel's Challenge". This is an opportunity to pledge that they will not be a bully after they hear about a girl named Rachel and they get to sign a banner that shows that they have accepted the challenge. The school mascot is Malad Elementary Mustangs. Carson was dying to make some chocolate chip cookies and we finally found the baking soda! so we made his night by making cookies!

Logan is making lots of friends with the kids at his new middle school. He has a lot of the same things that he did at Mountain View. He has a locker, he takes band where he plays the baritone still and he is making new friends all the time. There is something new that he will get to experience. For P.E., all the kids get to take a four week skiing class. They will go to Pebble Creek Ski Area in Pocatello for ski lessons. Also something new is that he goes over to the high school for lunch and for band. The schools are just a short sidewalk distance apart. The other new thing is that the school mascot is the Malad Middle School Knights. It is a very different concept that all the schools have different mascots because the High School mascot is a Dragon.

Monte got to go to a playgroup that they hold every Thursday at 12:30 at the Stake Center. He met some new friends and as you can see, they are mostly all girls. He is hoping that more boys show up next week. His new friends are (l-r)Christine, Sara, (Monte), Russell and Bryton. Clayson, who is a boy, was also there, but he was still playing hiding. They just get together and everyone brings a toy that they can play with and share if they want to. This will be a great opportunity for social networking. The moms visit while the kids play. Sara is actually the sister of the new friend, Claire, that Carson made at school. Monte is missing his preschool group, the activities and the friends. Now that we finally found the cord to the printer, we can start doing some preschool activities at home! Yeah! There is also a really neat thing that we discovered at the Stake Center. There is a Deseret Industries trailer parked there ALL THE TIME!! so that we can take our unwanted items! And, boy, are we finding lots of treasures that we no longer need. We are still in the purging mode!
Every night that Monte goes to bed, he says "This sure is a nice bed that Aunt Cari made for me under Logan's desk!"

We are all doing very well and even mended from our ailments from last week! We do have a telephone now. We are trying that box called Magic Jack that uses your wireless connection from your computer and you plug in a regular phone to the box. When we set up our number, the closest prefix for an Idaho number was Boise, so we chose one that was a little closer, but a Utah number. Our new home number is 435-363-7217.

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Alisa said...

Glad to hear you are all feeling better and are finding great things in Malad! Any idea when you will be moving to your "final" house? Lance has a 4 week intensive project that starts the second week in Feb., so we'd love to come help if it is after he's done with his project--and, maybe we'll get to see a new baby at that time too! We're excited for you!