Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Here's for Aunt Cari!

O.k. Cari, no more complaining that we don't post. This post is for you. Just a lot of pictures with no order.

Here is our latest attempt at a family picture. The only one Joni is looking directly at the camera and everyone else is somewhat focused.

Carson, Monte and Joni, better known as "The Posers"! They are coming along at being good for posing. :0)

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! this chair! My latest acquirement for pictures. I can change the cover very easily so it is a versatile chair! And OH SO CUTE! Can't you see Kinlee on it, Cari?

Here is the REAL reason why I don't post that often! Mischevious little darling at work!

"All for little 'ol ME!" Heaven sent!

Breakfast! How is that for entertainment. Monte loves, did I say loves? I meant he LOVES bouncing on his bouncy ball. This day, he had only his boxers, bull riding vest and some sunglasses he found and he strapped himself to it with some rope he found. Typical Monte!

After my workout, I put Joni in her jumper while I hop in the shower, so she doesn't find any mischief. This day, she was so tired she couldn't keep herself awake. I came out to find her sound asleep! With Monte hiding under the jumper, watching the movie she had been watching.

Monte has two built in companions. I have been watching two little neighbor boys in the afternoons. They play playdough for about two out of three of the hours they are here.

This is blurry, but it is Joni's effort to excercise! :-)

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JanaMac said...

Your family is so beautiful Kristy!! I love seeing pics!