Sunday, January 3, 2010

HAPPY Birthday Carson!

We started off our holiday season by celebrating the birth of someone special in our family.
Carson turned 9 on the night we had our ward party, so we did a quick gift opening and then rushed off to the party. We got to the cake two nights later :( (Bad, bad mom!) But we did get to see grandma, Jordan and Batista the night after his birthday. He had a hunting cake, for the third year in a row-what a boy wants is what a boy gets!
Aside from Dana Carvey, Carson is the only one I know that can do an impression of anybody and it really does sound like who he is imitating! He has such a soft heart and when he remembers to be kind, he is the kindest boy ever. He loves to find new friends and he is ALWAYS the life of the party! He is my biggest helper around the house and he loves to keep his stuff in his bedroom in order, that doesn't mean he likes to hang up his clothes, however. :0) What a great joy he is to our family! We love you Carson!A new sled from Grammy and Grandpa. The fastest sled in the West! We have since found out! Joni loves being pulled around on it all through the house.

New snowboots! That was all he wanted for his birthday.

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