Sunday, January 3, 2010

HAPPY Birthday Justin!

Happy Birthday Justin!
Thanks for letting us help you celebrate your birthday on Christmas Eve! We went to some friends and played games for a little while and once again, didn't have birthday cake on the birthday, just two days later! (Hopefully this doesn't become a trend! We have one more birthday this month to try and get it right!) Everyone must have thought Justin was getting cold feet, because he ended up getting five pair of socks. And they were even the right kind! They had enough wool in them to be considered worthy by the great sock coniseurre! We love you and we are grateful for all you do for our family! Thanks for being a great dad and a wonderful husband! We are going to skip his birthday altogether next year! JK

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Jen Taylor said...

Happy Birthday, Justin. (I forgot that he and Bill both have Christmas birthdays.)