Sunday, January 3, 2010

HAPPY Birthday Logan!

Happy Birthday Logan! You big teenage boy!Yes, it is official! We now officially have a teenager in our house! And boy, do we know it!

Logan had his 13th birthday today! He is such a great boy! He is always such a great help for his dad! He knows how to do most ranch duties as well as any grown man! He is such a great inspiration to us! He is always looking for a way to serve others. I can't believe every time I look at him how tall and handsome he is getting. He is learning lots of things in his life right now and he always seems to keep us on our toes! He got a roping dummy for his birthday that he has been begging for since this summer, which we didn't even get a picture of. He also got a new black hat and a belt.As tradition would have it, we did our usual New Years sleepover. This picture was taken the day after when Logan had a sledding party. He had Eric and Trent stay the night. They went to their first Young Men/Young Women New Year's Eve party. They could only stay until 10 p.m. when the dance started, so I went in and brought them home. The next day some friends from school, Paige and Maddie came over to sled. Carson also had his birthday sleepover. He had Dylan and Bryant stay the night. They had a lot of fun running around playing and staying up until at least 1:30 a.m. (that is when we went to bed! I am not sure how much longer they all stayed up after that!) They all went sledding on New Year's Day.

Lots of hot chocolate, pizza and fun was had by all!How many kids can fit in the hammock?

When they were done sledding and headed home, Eric and Trent gave Logan an appropriate 13-year old white washing!!!!
When I asked them to lay down for this picture, they all agreed they would like to just stay here and go to sleep! They didn't care how much it snowed on them! So typical!!!

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