Friday, May 29, 2009

FiNaLlY- an update!

So when I realized that it has been three weeks since a post I knew I had to get something done. I have been crippled for a couple of weeks, because I have not been able to get the pictures off my card onto my computer because of a software malfunction. SO, I worked on it and got it fixed so I didn't feel like such a loser at posting.

Yesterday a friend and I (Jamie) took a one mile(one mile up, one mile back) hike trip with our kids.

This is how it all added up:

Two moms,
two babies

and NINE boys 12 and under!

The rules: One mom stays in front, the other in the back and the oldest boys in the middle with the little boys sandwiched somewhere in between. Why you might ask? Rattlesnakes! Carson has a rattle to prove it. One day the boys went with Justin and another guy to fix fence on the forest and Carson came home with a set of rattles. Does this freak me out? JUST A LITTLE!! I told Justin that I need a course in Rattlesnake 101. I have never had to be trained in searching the ground for venomous snakes! We only saw a small little gardner snake while we were out. A great sigh of relief when we made it back down. Although, while we were there is was such a great relaxing time, to be outside enjoying the nice weather.
Here is Joni-enjoying her thumb! She loves to chew on her hands and then she eventually finds her thumb and starts sucking! I keep trying to intervene with the pacifier, but most the time she doesn't like it near as much. She rode in the sling on our little hike. She sure loves being outside! I am so glad because so do I!
Here is the crew of boys. Did I mention that my friend Jamie has all boys and one girl too?! Our boys are all the same age except she has one extra between Logan and Carson. We had a couple extras on this outing. L-R back row: William (friend from church), Danny (Jamie's oldest, Logan's age), Logan, Carson, Joseph (brother to William). Middle- Christoper (Jamie's third, Carson's age), Jaron (nephew of Jamie's). Bottom- Monte, Matt (Jamie's fourth, Monte's age) Her second son, Dale, was visiting cousins, so he wasn't there. Funny thing is that our baby's are three weeks apart and both girls starting with the letter J. They had a great time. We packed a picnic lunch and hiked up what they call Burnet Canyon which is right behind our house. Then they took their airsoft and BB guns and had a blast playing games and target shooting pop cans while we were there. They also found an embankment to slide down which went to the little stream they were building a dam in. Here is the video of William sliding down and coming back up.
Sorry I can't figure out how to turn this to make it upright to view. I will have to remember that from now on with my camera.
She is finally getting so that sometimes she likes to cuddle with someone besides me. Logan really loves to have the privilege of that someone being him. As you can see, there is not ANY hair growing yet! Still just a little bit of fuzz from when she was born.
She was all snuggled into his neck. She was supposed to be asleep, but she was just enjoying sitting with her big brother.

Here she is just hanging out while I get some pictures that are her three month shots.

Since Jamie and I have baby girls that are so close, it is kind of fun to do things together. She had this great idea to take them over to Logan to the temple and do some pictures of them in front of the Logan temple with their blessing dresses on. Here are some of the results of that. It is EXTREMELY hard to get such a tiny little person in the picture and have it look right when you are trying to get such a big object in the background. If anybody has any ideas how to get it at a better angle, let me know


Imagine, if you will, that the mom's of these babies are busy trying to get the perfect shot. There are two innocent, lovely, well-meaning 5 and almost 5 year old boys that are waiting paitiently by the side of a BIG (what seems to be to them) pool of water, actually the fountain. Needless to say, the groundskeeper that was working on filling the fountain and getting it running was a little nervous by this whole scenario. But these two were actually very manageable. We only had to REMIND them a couple of times that they could only put one hand in to feel the water. :-)

Here she is in one of her "play" dresses. One that she would wear on just an average day. I didn't realize how fun it would be to start playing dress up until I realized that her brothers were suggesting what she should wear and having fun with it too! Now if they were such good sports when it came to taking pictures. I also had the great privilege of sharing a special day with a young couple at the temple. They asked me to do some pictures of them outside the temple on the day they were sealed! It was very nerve-wracking as I was scared that I wouldn't get the shots they wanted. But, alas, they were pleased with the pictures. Here are just a few of the day and the day before.


chanda and scott said...

I love those pictures with the babies and the temple in the background! Joni is growing up so fast, and she's so cute!

SNeilson said...

You are "Super Woman"! I knew hike! Love the pics. Now that I'm free, I'll be takin' a road trip! Tiff :D

JanaMac said...

What a great adventure your hike must have been, with all of those little boys and two baby girls! I love it!