Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pettiskirt victory and Halloween

For anyone that is interested in these BEAUTIFUL pettiskirts, do not be intimidated by the following post! :0)
A few months ago, I decided that I wanted to do some research and find out if there was a pattern for these gorgeous skirts that are so popular in photography. Did my research, talked to the mom of a girl that had one on at the park and alas,


I got it all cut out and partially sewn, then life got in the way and it remained a pile of fluffy pieces of fabric. I thought that I would make a baby duck costume or a strawberry shortcake costume for Joni, but that pile of fluffy fabric kept staring at me, mocking me-"You will never get this accomplished!" So, what to my wondering eyes, when Halloween day, I sat down and FINISHED THE PROJECT! YAY!

I think it turned out pretty good for a trial run. And I can say that I do look forward to making more.
The best piece of advice is to invest in a ruffler foot for this project!
This is how THRILLED Joni was about going trick-or-treating! LOL!!!
This picture of the kids with Halloween costumes was a result of Justin behind the camera, me trying to get Joni to be happy and not a whole lot of cooperation from the boys.

Logan wasn't feeling good, so he stayed home. He was a rodeo clown for school. Carson was so set on being Davy Crockett that he wouldn't leave me alone until the costume was finished. Monte was a fish for Story Hour Halloween party and a Horse for Halloween day and trick-or-treating.

Davy Crockett in the school parade that walks for two blocks down the street and two blocks back to the school.

Monte got to catch snow on his tongue when we got out of the Story Hour party. I suppose it is quite a sight to see a rainbow fish catching snow on it's tongue!

Too cute to pass up!


katieltj said...

I LOVE that petti skirt!! Good job! And that picture of the fish catching the snowflake is priceless.

Chanda and Scott said...

Aww! your family is so dang cute! They're growing up way too fast. Can't wait to see you guys at Christmas when we visit!