Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Developments

We have had this wonderful cotton hammock (Thanks Huttons!) and never had a tree to use it with. I had it sitting in the storage room downstairs and I got to thinking that we could use the rafters in the basement playroom to hang it. You have never seen three happier boys than these when we got it put up! This is the greatest thing! AAaahh so comfortable!
Monte even wants to go down and eat in it all the time. When we had snack for preschool last week they had to go sit in it. I guarantee it is the GREATEST babysitter for ALL THREE boys! They LOVE IT!I do have to say, it is pretty comfy!Carson is taking piano lessons. And doing pretty good. It is kind of funny because his piano books just sit open on the piano and every few times that Logan walks through the living room, he stops to play a song or two also. Maybe we will be doing 2 for 1 lessons and Logan will be self taught! :-)
Logan has decided that he would like to try wrestling. I know, crazy huh! I NEVER thought he would have an interest in it. I think it could be in an effort to get to see one of his friends more. Too bad we have to pay for everything just for him to decide he might not like it. He just started last week, so he won't get to wrestle this week at the matches. He really likes to try out his new moves on Carson and Carson is one to back down! He will scrap with Logan and if he gets Logan laughing, it is a sure win for Carson!

The leaves are falling and they are abundant! This is at the city park where we had fun at playgroup.
Joni LOVED sitting in them and mostly loved eating the leaves!
Running and throwing leaves at yourself was the object of this game.When he got too tired to keep running through the leaves it was fun just to lay in a gigantic pile. Another one of the fun new things we get to do is preschool every Monday and Wednesday at home. We have only had Monte and a Sarah, but we might have picked up another little boy at least on Mondays. So the payoff is that we get to do a fantastic phonics reading program. It is a program that you don't learn the letters in order. So, Monte is learning letters that can blend quickly. He was drawing on this white board the other night and he drew a hat. He was so excited that he had drawn a hat, so I told him he needed to sound out what the letters were because he knew all of them.
So here is the progression . . .(never mind why he doesn't have a shirt on)

And the finished product!
Oh how proud he is and I must say it gives me great satisfaction to see it all happening before my eyes! Not just at school!
Joni sure LOVES this toy. She even starts to bob to the music when it starts playing.
She has figured out how to get it to turn around, but not quite go back and forth yet. She still reaches instead of figuring out if she pushes hard enough she can move over.


Angela Winterton said...

It is so fun to see how much your kids are growing.

Chanda and Scott said...

Aww! I miss you guys. You have the cutest family. That is awesome with Monte spelling hat already, too. Joni is growing up so fast, and she's so adorable! Love you guys!