Friday, December 25, 2009

Catch up before the New Year!

I will apologize ahead of time that the following pictures and events may not fall in chronological order, but they will be posted just for the record. :-)

Everyone was happy Christmas morning to see that Santa had found us in the different location this year! Some of the other pictures are on my other camera, not downloaded yet.
I wonder if Logan even slept all night long?

Joni found a candy cane and LOVED every second of it! Can you tell she has been eating her fair share of the orange vegetables? Her nose is really got an orange cast to it! Ha Ha!
It almost looks as if Joni is counting how many gifts she has had to open! LOL!
Carson was tickled to DEATH for the knight figurine toys that his brothers (via his mother) so lovingly thought of getting him for Christmas! HA
Joni's first encounter with Santa- It starts out completely harmless, looking him over, assessing the situation and then the inevitable happens . . .

But as for Monte. . .
Monte was so geared up to tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas, that when Logan and Carson told him it might not be the "real" Santa, he was sure to ask me. Logan and Carson started noticing that not all the Santa's looked the same when we would go to ward and family Christmas parties, so we had to tell them that sometimes Santa has to have a helper because he can't be everywhere at once.
While we were standing in the line waiting to get up to Santa, Monte said, with all the excitement a five year old has at Christmas time, "Is this the REAL Santa?" I said, like any good mother would do, "Yeah! It is real Santa and he is here just to hear what YOU want for Christmas!"
Well, he must have heard because Santa brought Monte the Hunting Playset he has had circled in the Cabela's magazine for the past two months now! Good Santa!

Carson's birthday. It also fell on the night of the ward party, hence the reason for the birthday cake two days after his birthday. He did get gifts on his birthday, just not quite the cake. P.S.This just about wins me the mother of the year award.

The Great Christmas Tree Fetch

Bringing the tree down off the mountain - Where's Logan?

The great Christmas Tree fetch. The pictures say it all, especially when you find out that these pictures were all taken from inside the truck. The terrain is steep and the weather was less than ideal. Note to self: If we get a tree from this location next year, go the day after Thanksgiving so you can actually see the road, where to turn around and then be able to climb a mountain WITHOUT the snow. Lots of fun!

The funnest gift Carson got for his birthday was this sled from Grandma and Grandpa! Joni loves to be pulled around the house on it.
Carson was a shepherd for his school christmas program. I would post the video, but Logan did the video taping, so I will spare you the motion sickness. It was a wonderful program, with great Christmas songs.
She loves to empty the clothes boxes for each of the boys as fast as I can get them folded and in the box. See the great look of accomplishment?

Monte thought it would be great fun to make a snow angel on the hood and windshield of the car! Pretty nice, isn't it?

Joni loves to eat cheerios. This particular time, she got one stuck on her nose. She could see it, but she couldn't quite get it. Hilarious!

A little bit fuzzy, but you still get the jist of the picture.

And the final shot with the cheerio on her nose.

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