Saturday, October 17, 2009

Some summer highlights

After TONS of begging and promising that we would get to go "someday" we made it to the Dinosaur Park! What a better way to get to see friends and catch up on friendships! We LOVE to meet friends and go places with them!
So an open invitation to friends, when you want to meet and go play, give us a call!
Is Monte looking oh so happy in this picture?
What a fun wall at the Dinosaur park. EVERYONE was loving this fun adventure.
Next adventure - This one was just for the girls. Afton's birthday.
All the kids pitched in money and we took her for her birthday for a shopping spree at probably, dare I say, the most wonderful place for her - Taipan Trading.
This is the back of Laila's Denali after 5 hours at that wonderful place! (Was it really five hours?)
Hope you had a great birthday Afton!

Monte's first unofficial field trip
I got to go with the county Farm Bureau with a classroom to a corn maze. Of course that means Monte and Joni get to go too! Here he is going through the maze. It was COLD!!!
He got to ride on a bus! How exciting! But it wasn't good enough just to sit with me up front, he had to go back with "the kids". What a big shot! I am so glad we had the opportunity for him to get to go with me. It helps him become more prepared for kindergarten and still get him one more year at home! :-)

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