Monday, April 13, 2009


How do you turn Easter Sunday into Easter Funday? . . . Bring the whole family together (minus one - we missed you Larry,Linda and Lily!), mix in a little breezy, chilly, muddy outdoor weather and you get . . .

This is plan B for the day. When it was too cold and windy to go outside, we decided to try and get some family pix in the house. Despite the lighting and space issues we accomplished the impossible. Who said a great battle couldn't be won in one and a half hours!

A and A and baby G
J and C and BPW Mc

J and J and fam

T and T and fam

D and V

What a candid circus!

This is what you call a geriatric doggy pile!

This must be the last shot of the day. Babies passed out everywhere and cheesy grins!
Who says this isn't a very handsome and lovely family! :0)
Monte says "She's a beauty!"

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