Thursday, August 27, 2009

More Pictures! And stories

More fair highlights!
Monte, in the height of his glory! Surrounded by friends, watching horses work and holding his ROPE! There might even be a cute girl with him, oh wait, that isn't Carson we are talking about here.

Monte said he wanted to do the goat tie! Shocking b/c I didn't know he knew how to. I think he was just desperate to be included. What a nice lady! She got down and helped him get it tied. She could see after the first two minutes that he wasn't in to win, just for the experience. :)

Oh how we LOVE to see Kinlee Sue! Not sure how much Joni loves to see her, especially when she gets the choke hold on her and it keeps getting tighter and tighter! Can you tell that Joni is starting to get a little nervous about the hands creeping closer to the neck?

Thanks Grammy and Grandpa for coming up to see the boys participate in the horse show! Joni's first camping trip! Doesn't she look adorable and somewhat like a newborn with her cute little beanie hat on!
The whole time I was fixing breakfast, she just kept leaning her head over on Justin's arm and looking up at him, like "Oh my, what a long night that was! I am still exhausted!"

Yes, I understand these are a little late, but doesn't the saying go "Better late than never"! These are her five month shots that I did at least a month ago! Background compliments of Grandma Red and her beautiful yard! Let's hope she becomes as photogenic as McKinlee! I still wish I would take more time to get those precious moments with her and her brothers, oh wait, it does help when you have willing particpants! Hint, hint - that means you brothers!

Which one is your favorite?

I LOVE the new actions I have found to run in Photoshop!


katieltj said...

Those 5 month pictures are so cute! I think the first is my favorite....but its hard to choose just one! Hope everything is going good for you guys! :-D

JanaMac said...

Ok, I can't pick a favorite!! She is so beautiful Kristi!! I love them all! I also love the first picture on this post, the one of the kids at the fair, with the cute little girl leaning up against the dog. Ya gotta love ranch kids, there's nothing like 'em!!!