Monday, August 24, 2009

Is "Behinder" a word?

I am not sure if it is correct English to say that I am get more Behinder! I tried to download some pictures and it wouldn't work, so here is a run down of what has been happening:
Oneida County Fair-
Logan got Reserve Champion on the Working Horse section of Working Ranch and goes to State Fair; He SMOKED everyone else at the Flag Race on Saturday at the Junior Buckaroo Rodeo on Saturday 11 SECONDS! And the closest anyone else got was 13 seconds!
Carson loved every minute of his showing experience and got First Place on the Dummy Roping in the Junior Buckaroo Rodeo on Saturday.
Monte so many fun new friends, he just couldn't get enough! He also did the Hide Race for the very first time and when Justin rode back to pick him up when he ran back to get his hat, Justin asked "Well, are you ok? - Did you have fun?" Monte replied "THAT WAS A RUSH!" With the biggest grin on his face!

We went camping overnight when Justin had to go preg check some cows. The boys LOVED the tent. Joni and I slept in the suburban because I wasn't sure if she would stay warm enough in the tent.

School began today and so Monte was really in need of a friend, so we went and got his little friend Sarah who will be joining us for a pre-K preschool in two weeks, for this school year.

We have been picking zucchini by the buckets and tomorrow is the day that we will pickle some and turn some more of it into relish!

We have gone swimming in three different FUN outdoor pools!

Carson went to a friends birthday party camp out.

Carson got his tonsils out and is completely recovered-The only child in the world who was so disappointed that the only food he could eat was ice cream, popsicles and soup! Carson's constant plea "PLEASE! Can't I just have some lasagna or a steak or at least just a juicy hamburger! PLEASE!"

Joni had her 5 month pictures done! :-)

Logan went to scout camp for the first time!

. . . And the list goes on. So hopefully after the zucchini is bottled and the beets are pickled I can get some pictures posted, because they tell a lot more of the story than just the boring old words!

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