Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pioneer Day Celebration

I have decided it isn't that much fun trying to play catch up on the blog! :( Too much to post and then I forget half. I also find myself being very overwhelmed and just deciding it doesn't need to be posted anyway! We went to Rigby on the 23rd to celebrate with Laila and her family. We went to the Jefferson County Lake and then to a Rigby Stake party. They had sack lunches, fish catching, pony wagon rides, dancing, horse rides and the featured event - Mutton Bustin' - which we DID NOT participate in (call me the party pooper!). Here are some fun pix of the day at the lake.
Smather on the sunblock and it is a great time had by all!

They all LOVED the two man raft. Of course maybe it was because when you were on it you didn't have to be in the cold water! :)

How adorable is Joni in her little tiny swimming suit!
She had too much of a fun day!

Funny thing, I forgot a stroller for Joni and so I asked Laila before we went to the stake activity, if by some slim chance she might have a stroller and this is what we found available at her house:

You will notice the size of the stroller compared to Tia. It is her DOLLY stroller! How comfy and perfect does she fit in this! LOL!!! She totally looks like she is living it up as a little princess! Tia loved pushing her around in it and needless to say, we DEFINITELY got some funny looks!

A great big THANKS to all our pioneer ancestors for giving us a great reason to get together and celebrate! Hopefully we can make you proud and make all of your sacrifices to come west worth it and carry on a great legacy!

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Tara said...

Love the shot of the little girl asleep in her swim suit!!