Saturday, February 27, 2010

This and That

This post will be dedicated to the last MONTH! How it flew by without telling us, no one knows! :-)

Our month started by going to Boise for the Idaho Farm Bureau Committee Meetings. Monte and Joni got to have fun going outside to the hot tub, because the only pool was outside as well and it was closed.

This is what SICK looks like at our house. Strep throat! AGAIN! Take note of the scene: Monte SITTING and COLORING. . .
and Logan laying FLAT sleeping in the middle of the day!!!

A little bit of fun happening with Justin participating in Donkey Basketball.
Logan and two of his friends were the official "Pooper Scoopers" for the event, so they got to participate as well. His friend Eric has a pretty fun mom, so we got together and came up with costumes for the boys to wear.
Fun with the cousins - Paityn and Zachary!

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